Specifications in English

Audience and Duration

A performance for all audiences.

7-15 minutes.


Technical Specifications

Showroom requirements :
· Possibility of complete dark.
· Plain floor, preferibly linoleum.
· minimum scenic space of: 6 m. Bottom, 6 m. Width and 3 m. High.
·  220 v. socket which supports up to 5000 w power.
· A technician of the space during the set up, representation and disassembly.

Set up and acces:
· Access to the room for the unload, assembly, adjustments and tests minimum 5 hours before the performance.
· Approximately 2 hours for disassembly and load.
· Parking next to the place for a van from the moment of unload up to finished the disassembly and load.

Sound and light:
· Sound and lighting in small rooms by the company. In big rooms sound amplified with environment microphones by the contracter.


On stage:
• Rogelio Pérez / Antonio Martinez “Tonón”, music.
• Lomi Szil, juggling.
• Gisela Plasencia Fenollosa, audiovisuals.

External eye: Patricia Pardo Pescador.

Ligts: Mundi Gomez y Juan Serra.

Visuals: Gisela Plasencia, Mariana Carranza, Lomi Szil.

Software: Lot Amorós.

One colective creation done by Proyecto E.D.I., cordinated by Gisela Plasencia and Lomi Szil.

First production of “Proyecto Escénico Digital Interactivo”, produced by Acierto Artistas SL with the support of Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana,  Associació Valenciana de Circ and Medialab-Prado Madrid.

Original idea: Lomi Szil and Gisela Plasencia.

Tour management: Acierto Artistas SL.